Rain agriculture discussed [Archives:2005/814/Local News]

February 7 2005

Taiz Bureau
A consultative meeting was held Feb. 2 at Al-Saeed Cultural Forum, Taiz with the rural chiefs and farmers from Sabir Al-Mawadem district under the auspices of French organization of Iddeales and faculty of Agriculture of Sana'a University.

Under the motto “Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture Capacities,” the meeting discussed the importance of hereditary plant origins and locally acquired knowledge of developing sustainable agriculture in rainy areas.

The meeting was financed by the Social Fund for Development (SFD) and French Food Aid, with the participation of 15 farmers from Sabir Al-Mawadim, five agricultural guides, and five Sana'a University researchers.

Speeches were delivered by Dr. Amin al-Hakimi, head of Hereditary Department, Faculty of Agriculture, coordinator of the event, Frederic Pelat of Iddeales, Ahmed Abdul-Ghani, Secretary General of the district's local council, and Abdul-Qadir Hatim, Deputy Taiz Governor for Technical and Environmental Affairs.

The speakers underscored the significance of rain-dependent agriculture in Yemen and indicated how to boost it, since it is the oldest occupation on which the national economy has been relying.

Speeches reviewed the aims of the discussion, and expected results to farmers, stressing the need for maintaining the traditional ways of agriculture.

On his part, Deputy Governor showed the province leadership's readiness to support, facilitate problems and remove obstacles to the agricultural progress.

Participants received videos on how to make use of different kinds of rain agriculture.