Raising awareness on humanitarian problems [Archives:2004/767/Local News]

August 26 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
An introductory meeting on raising the awareness towards humanitarian problems, the delivery of healthcare, women rights and youth issues was concluded on Wednesday, 18th August, in the al-Hudaidah Governorate. The meeting was organized as part of the general program for development and education in the Media and among the Population, at the Ministry of Information. Over the course of four days, contributions were made by thirty male and female participants' from the Capital Secretariat, al-Hudaidah, Hajjah, and Ibb governorates. The aim of the meeting was to raise the media awareness of the problems associated with population increase and urban growth and the effects this has on development and health programs. It also covered methods of family planning and held a discussion on the relationship between family planning programs and the position of Islam on this topic.