Ramadan in America: Pursuing faith and spirituality [Archives:2008/1188/Reportage]

September 8 2008
Photo from archived article: photos/1188/report1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/1188/report1_1
Shaker Lashuel
For the Yemen Times

Sizzling eggs and beef bacon on a hot grill produce a delicious smell that begins to fill the Yemeni-owned delicatessen on Rutland Avenue, Brooklyn. The colorful, fragrant well-done eggs on the metallic grill, sprinkled with salt and pepper, are enticing the appetite of many, but Wadah Al-Abdy is not convinced.

Wadah, a twenty-five year old Yemeni-American, has been working here making sandwiches for the past year. A day in the life of Wadah in Ramadan is a typical day for many Yemenis in America working the twelve hour shift. Wadah's seven day work routine does not change in Ramadan. He starts work at 6 am and ends at 6 pm, almost one hour before heading home to his wife to break his fast with her. \”I don't feel the spirit of this holy month when I am at work