Ramadan KareemA dear guest at the doors! [Archives:2005/882/Culture]

October 3 2005

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In one or two days from now, all the Arab and Muslim Ommah will be having unspeakable moments – they will be welcoming a precious and dear month to them. It is Ramadan.

I wish we would be even more courteous than ever in this time. In fact, we have been used to proving to Ramdan and the world in general that we are different. To put it another way, this country will be confirming that Ramdan starts on a suggested date while the other country will beg to differ.

Some say and believe that “Difference is mercy.” However, I beg to differ here too! I wonder whoever wishes to have his religion and life full of differences! And what fruitful results we have gotten hold of out of our endless differences?

Against all evidence to the contrary, let not lost heart at the first sight. Let's make use of the good soul within us which resembles Ramadan and is worth living. Let's enjoy the invaluable gift of this blessed month.

Ramadan is different. Just now minds souls and spirits can better rest and living hearts faithfully stand witness to the Great Creator and His Messenger Mohammed peace and prayer be upon him.

Just now we can smell the Paradise and enjoy love towards the earth and Heaven. And just now lucky devils are converted to angels.

Ramdan is really worth thinking of its great moments and delving deep and exploring its fruitful senses.

Whoever remains alive to fast and enjoy Ramdan's blessings is believed lucky. In fact, it is distinguished by its charismata, greatness, and benedictions.

We are taught memorable lessons by it. Patience; will power; mercy and righteousness are certain examples of such lessons.

Throughout Ramdan, with God's will, I will highlight how this month is like, here in this particular part of the Arab and Islamic World. I expect to cover habits and traditions still practiced in Ramdan over here.

Further, I will try to elaborately discuss Ramdan's blessings and relate them to the genuine ongoing happenings in the society. And I will not forget al-Lahooh; Ashafoot and Ashoorbah (which are traditional Ramdan meals in Yemen) on one side and al-Masbahah (rosary), thobe (white male dress), shawls, al-Mawalids and night session, charitable societies, double salary and manacled satans too, on the other side. You will be presented with a variety of pertinently interesting subjects.

In addition to the above themes, I expect to discuss many others related in a way that avoids too much gossiping and probing. However, they will be reasonable and quite valuable.

Be there to enjoy Ramadan from a Yemeni perspective and to see how its blessings are deeply felt in the urban and remote areas of Yemen. I hope to receive feedback on the articles I write every issue and to feel your interaction.

Ramdan Kareem and many happy returns to all of our readership around the globe.