Ramadan KareemLove and salam to all [Archives:2005/886/Culture]

October 17 2005

By Mohammed Al-Hakimi
Here the truth unfolds more and more and it apparently prevails. Just now you are offered to get hold of rewards of a century time just by doing one good deed in this month.

Love is interpreted now on the ground of reality. God still loves you, and these blessings of Ramadan are enough to prove how God is compassionate and cordial! Prove, in return, to Him that you are grateful and thankful.

We have been indulging into tasting and smelling the Paradise from our place on earth.

The relief, easiness, bliss and love are unspeakable and inexpressible. It is hard to ignore them and belittle their greatness. It is also hard not to, if you are industrious, be a believer and share Muslims these blessings. It is opportunity to all to repent and beef up their stock.

Good believers seek God's forgiveness even more patiently and ask Him to lead thse who go astray to the right path. In fact, Islam has directed them to be peaceful, to say the good and to wish all people happy days and lovely life.

I wish I were a bird singing on Prophet Mohammed's mosque (may peace and blessings be upon him). We wish that Ramadan does not go away from us. We wish these blessings and forgiveness to cover and envelope the whole world from pole to pole.

God bless all believers who are busy listening to Allah's teachings and are carefully doing their best to confess and repent to Allah. God bless all who are constantly reciting the Holy Quraan and making use of its fruitful preaching.

God bless in particular those who think of their tortured brothers and sisters, of those who are struggling against the enemies and occupiers in order to restore their invaded and extorted lands.

God bless these genuine believers who are oppressed and never, however, incline their heads or surrender. They have maintained their stances vigorously while we have proved to be of no use for them.

These people are higher on the scale of faith and they deserve repect and reverence. They deserve also Allah's forgiveness. I wonder how patient, how powerful, how faithful, and how great they are!

More importantly, we should not forget them any more. We should pray to Allah to grant them victory and relief.

Further, we should urgently pray that the values of goodness, truth, and peace would ever dominate the universe.