Ramadan KareemWill goodness survive after Ramadan? [Archives:2005/889/Culture]

October 27 2005

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We are now living through the third part of Ramadan. Fasters and believers as a whole will exert even much serious strenuous efforts to fruitfully make use of the remaining last part of this holy blessed month.

People are more conscious of every moment now. Many will double their efforts in terms of Quraan recitation, interpretation and profound perusals and contemplation on the revealed verses. Others will go to mosques and stay inside them for the rest of the month in what is known as “I'tikaf.” They will, in fact, forget about everything worldly and indulge solely in thinking of Him and His forgiveness and bounties.

Charity will reach almost every needy household and family and charity will be better exercised and embodied.

Lost in a trance:

In one of the Aden mosques last year, I went around looking at night congregations of fasters at one of the well-furnished mosques in al-Mu'alla area where I saw many young people praying and reciting the holy Quraan in a frantically earnest manner that would make you feel that there hardly remains any time to repent and catch the forgiveness and blessings of Allah.

There, I saw people more thirsty, enthusiastic and avid for getting Allah's blessings. I was overwhelmed with spirituality. It was unspeakable. It gave me the impression that the people who are bound to achieve the Ummah's victory were available in that very place.

As I was staring at their movements, one fainted to the ground out of excessive religious emotions. His medical condition got worse and he was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Crying over the past:

Muslims actually know what Ramadan means and how it is graceful and fruitful. Many will start crying over the departure of this holy month now and will go chanting:

Oh Ramadan;

Month of repentance and forgiveness;

You have deeply impressed us

And dearly enriched our hearts

With faith and goodness;

We dare not say adieu

Nor can we imagine your absence

And departing thus from us

Alas! Our dearest month alas!

May we live until next year to meet anew!

The crops:

I have many times in this paper highlighted the plague infiltrating into the marrow of our society: its being not committed to and serious about change.

In fact, writings, preaching, and directions are clearly posted on the wall of life but the fruits we reap are little if not naught.

After Ramadan:

As the first day of the month following Ramadan shows up, mosques unfortunately would complain of being deserted and ignored by Ramadan worshippers. Some will prove that they were just worshipping Ramadan and not the God of Ramadan. Some others will quit praying at all and return to their old days.

Just then you can judge. In fact, one can verify the amount of a believer's faith by observing and examining their post-Ramadan acts.

Maybe this is the why behind our decline and not being soon accepted by Allah notwithstanding lots of prayers seeking Allah's support and desirable change.

Those who miss Ramadan most:

During the fasting period, we all feel for one another. The rich are most influenced by these experiences.

However, after Ramadan, things are likely to return to the pre-Ramadan state of affairs: relatives would be abandoned, and the poor would return to the state of suffering and destitution. Yet, some surely will have made use of the holy month.

Why shouldn't be wise and fair enough? Why do we always prove ourselves to be insincere and neglectful?

Why shouldn't be the best nation? Just ponder and write your feedback.