Ramadan not easy timeBuying public, beware of rip-offs [Archives:2004/785/Business & Economy]

October 28 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
The Yemeni market is flooded by imported foodstuffs. Local factories also double heavy quantities of productive articles including foods and drinks which become, in the absence of clear specifications and standards, a form of rubbish, adding much more misery to the tragedy.
At present, it is easy for anyone who has the capital to bring several kinds of goods as well as to open factories. He can do whatever he wants, just as he possesses the capital even at the expense of the poor categories in the society.
With the advent of the holy month (Ramadan), we often watch strange scenes prevailing the streets and every individual possesses tools to produce what he likes amidst the dust and the environment pollution, in addition to the use of cooking tools and oil that became expired and outdated.
The responsible authorities are supposed to warn and punish those who violate the laws and regulations concerning the health of the citizen, even during the holy month and for the sake of the faster who is tolerating hunger and thirst for gaining the reward of providence.
The concerned authorities neglect what is required from them and leave the citizen live in an atmosphere of flaming prices on the one hand, and health catastrophe on the other.
The prices climb up to be as double as they were earlier and the trader does not abide by a specific price list, instead, he sells every thing according to his personal likes without any restrictions. The concerned parties do not follow up whether he is abiding by the regulations and giving up wasting the money of the citizens who exert heavy efforts in order to gain such money.