Ramadhan Activities in Various Sports Clubs [Archives:1999/01/Sports]

January 4 1999

Ahli Club:
Ahli Club of Sanaa is organizing several sports activities to mark the Holy Month of Ramadhan. These include basketball, chess, volleyball, football. The teams that took part were Yarmouk, Shurta (Police) and Zohra.
Also at the Ahli Club, the Second Al-Imad Amateur Table-Tennis Championship, sponsored by Al-Hubaishi for Trade, was launched on Thursday, December 31. Participants were divided into two groups: veteran and young players. Members of several expatriate communities such as the Palestinian, Somalis, and Ethiopians also take part in Al-Ahli sports activity.

Wahda Club:
The football tournament organized by the Wahda Club is running throughout Ramadhan. A great number of football fans attend the matches held among teams of juniors and adults.
Results so far are s follows:

Ahli 7Farouq 3
Yahya 6Nile 6
Rial Sanaa 7Shurta 6
Shaab 10Shurta 2
Odhri 6Ahli 5
Ramadhan this year is distinguished by the large number of sports events organized by various clubs around Yemen. The main reason is that many private sector firms are starting to see the benefit of sponsoring sport activity.

It has become a tradition for Aden sports clubs to organize, during Ramadhan, a special football tournament named after the famous Sixties footballer Ali Mohsin Moraisi. Several clubs, divided into Groups A and B, take part in this tournament.
The Hassan Football Team has been able to head the B Group when it defeated Shoula 2-nil last Tuesday, December 29, at the Hobaishi Stadium.
The champion of Group A is the Wahda team of Aden. It will play against Shoula. While Hassan will face Tilal. If the two leaders win, they will play against each other.
Minaa team dropped out of the tournament following its defeat by Tilal and the Wahda of Aden in the first group. Shmasan dropped out of A Group following its defeat by Shoula and Hassan.
The Moraisi Football Tournament was started in 1992, in cooperation with Aden Football Association.

As part of the Ramadhan football tournament in Hodeida, the Ahli of Hodeida defeated Mansouria Youths team 6-nil in a match held last Thursday, December 31, at Al-Oloufi Stadium.
A friendly match was held between the Sports Media team and Hodeida Football Referees team.

The Wahda Club of Mukallah, in coordination with the Yemen Writers Union’s branch in Hadhramaut, organized on Thursday, December 31, a Ramadhani evening. Several participants talked bout the relation between exercise and good health.

The Wahda Club in Shahair organized a football tournament among the city’s clubs. The results were as follows:

Adult Tournament:
14 October 1Babahar North 0
30 November 114 October 1
Babahar South 26 Sept. 0
Junior Tournament:
Bin Akkas 130 November 0
Badhirs 4 Babahar South 0
Organized by Mukallah Sports Club, in coordination with the Chess Association branch in the governorate, the Baghowaita Chess Championship was concluded on Friday, January 1.

The Ramadhan football tournament continues in Dhamar. In a powerful match held last week, Shabab Al-Fat’h defeated Al-Thawri 3-1.
In the under-17 football tournament, Tilal Al-Fat’h defeated Shaab 2-1.

As part of the football tournament organized by Football Association branch in Amran, Al-Majd defeated Al-Qadasi 4-nil.
On another level, cultural competitions are held at the College of Education assembly hall. Several university and college teams are taking part. Many sports commentators and media people have been following these competitions with a lot of interest.

Ahwar Football Club has organized a football tournament for people’s teams in Abyan. Following the preliminary qualifier matches, four team qualified to the finals, led by Al-Majd which was never defeated. The other qualified teams are Shabab, Hilal, and Nasr.
The exciting final match on Friday, January 1, saw Al-Majd defeating Nasr 1-nil, thus winning the tournament’s cub.
The order of the top teams is as follows: