Ramadhan Activities in Various Sports Clubs [Archives:1999/02/Sports]

January 11 1999

Al-Ahli Club:
Organized by Al-Ahli Club, the Second term of Basketball Championship was inaugurated on Thursday January 5. The tournament was supported and financed by Azal Hospital. The 1st term contests were concluded last Monday with the successful presentation of Al-Ahli against Al-Zohra 54/45. In the 2nd term contests, started again by both teams, al- Al-Zohra won the game against Al-Ahli 71/61. On January 8, Al-Ahli won over Al-Zohra 122/41.
The championship was supervised by a committee headed by Dr. Mohammed Al-Qadhi. The referees Jameel Abu-Ayham and Abdul-Karim Rashed managed all games. In addition to the basketball championship, Al-Ahli Club organized a football championship tournament as well as in Volleyball and Chess.
Al-Wahda Club:
Organized by Al-Wahda Club and named Late Al-Ruqeihi Championship, the competitions are continued among the participated teams in the football championship. Four teams of the juveniles were qualified to the final context:
1.Ishaq team12 points
2.Jayyashi team11 points
3.Muttahar team10 points
4.Al-Ahli team 10 points
Ishaq team will play with Al-Ahli team and Jayyashi team will play with Muttahar team in the next tournaments. The winners in both contexts will meet each other at the end. The winner will hold the first place in the championship.
On the other hand, the competition became much stronger among the group players to have the scorer title. Aref Al-Jaradi of Ishaq team and Akram Al-Same’i of Muttahar team are expected to have this title. All sports tournaments will continue as scheduled until January 12th, 1999.
After defeating Al-Wahda team of Aden 1/0 on January 5, Hassan Team took the first place in the “Ali Mohammed Al-Muraisi” football tournament. Thus became the first team with 6 points.
The tournament of the “late Mohsen Al-Muraisi” is an annual conventional series of games in the governorate of Aden. It is an anniversary to celebrate the memory of Al-Muraisi a famous football star, who played for the Egyptian Zamalek team in the beginning of the 1960s. He was appointed a councilor for Minister of Youth and Sports until his death in 1994.
The Ping-Bong Championship was inaugurated in Al-Tali’ah Club. The championship was organized by the club for all juvenile amateurs of Taiz Clubs. This tournament was won by Khaled Sa’eed in the first, Waheeb Mohammed Ghanem in the second, Bassem Abdul-Elah in the third place. On the other side, the Opened Chess Championship was concluded. The championship was financed by Ha’el Sa’eed Ana’m Group of Companies. The tournament continued for seven bilateral rounds.
Al-Hilal Club:
The Third Taekwando Championship was concluded. The championship was organized by Hilal Club and Hudeidah Taekwando Association. About 60 players participated in the 3-days activities of the championship. In the Ramadhan football tournament, Al-Jeel Club defeating Surdod Club 4/1 last week. Al-Jeel Club will play with the two top clubs; Ahli and Bajel Youth teams.
Under the auspices of the Governor of Ibb, brigadier general Abdul-Qader Hilal, the Marathon of Ibb was held last Wednesday. Al-Sha’b and Al-Ittihad Clubs players along with students and runners participated in the Marathon. The Governor assured that this sport tournament will be an annual event held in Ramadhan. After the Marathon, a football tournament was held between a mixed team of Al-Sha’b and Al-Ittihad against Hilal Club.
After defeating Sam’oun Club 3/0, Al-Mukalla table tennis team has been qualified in the final Ping Bong tournament. Now the Mukalla Ping Bong Team is prepared to play against Al-Ahli Club in the final tournament which is organized by Hadhramaut Ping Bong Association. A Single Chess championship tournament was held last week in Al-Mukalla Club. This occasion is to celebrate the memory of late Khaled Humeidan, a known player of Hadhramaut. The participants were 14 players from all the clubs of Mukalla.
Al-Fat’h Club:
Al-Fath had played against the Police association Club, and Al-Nasr of Aden, last week, and won (2/1) and (3/1) respectively. Thus, Al-Fat’h is able to continue playing in the excellent league tournament.
Various Sport and Culture activities continue in Amran Governorate. Al-Jannat Club won over May 22nd team 6/1 and Al-Sahm won over Al-Qods team 4/1 last week. In Volleyball tournaments, competitions are continued among the clubs of the governorate until January 12th, 1999.