Rated 3rd among nongovernmental newspapers:Yemen Times ranks second among all independent Yemeni newspapers [Archives:2003/676/Front Page]

October 13 2003

Sana'a, Oct 12 -Yemen Times was ranked second to Al-Ayyam Daily only among all Arabic and English independent newspapers in Yemen according to a survey, whose results were announced last week. The newspaper was also ranked third in the non-governmental newspapers category just tracing Al-Sahwa by a small margin.

Survey's coverage
The survey, which was conducted by the Ministry of Information's Study and Research Administration, said that the results were based on random samples taken from different segments of the community including academicians, university and high school students, governmental officials, labor and free market workers, students of specialized institutes.
“The results were based on the results attained from 806 samples of different segments of the community. They were carried out independently and professionally based on well-researched questions that reflect the opinion of the public on the quality, preference, and popularity of Yemeni newspapers.” the report said.
Extraordinary accomplishment
What is extraordinary about the accomplishment of Yemen Times is that it achieved this rank despite the fact that it is not an Arabic-language newspaper. “It is truly a source of pride for an English-language newspaper to gain a rank higher than tens of other Arabic-language newspapers in the country based on results of a survey that did not take language into consideration at all.” an official at the Ministry of Information said.
The survey also showed that Yemen Times preceded all other English language newspapers by an unprecedented huge margin. The survey covered only three English- language newspapers, Yemen Times, Yemen Observer, and Al-Raqeeb, which is partially in English.
Surveyed readers ranked Yemen Times third, Yemen Observer 25th, and Al-Raqeeb 26th among all non-governmental newspapers in the country.
“This shows how much Yemen Times has developed and grown during the last few years. Looking at these results, which were based on a survey carried out independently by a governmental body, one can easily conclude that Yemen Times is indeed reaching out to more than anyone would have speculated and is favored more than the most widely read non-governmental Arabic- language newspapers.” said Editor-in-Chief of Yemen Times.
“We will be working hard to continue our growth and development to always be at top and live up to expectations of our faithful readers.”

Advertisers satisfied
Advertisers in Yemen Times have expressed satisfaction and confidence in the results, and said that such a rank encourages them to concentrate their campaigns on the most widely read and preferred newspapers. “The results of this survey demonstrate that the independent, accurate and professional reporting of Yemen Times has made it favorable source of information as it demonstrates the freedom of expression reached in the country. Furthermore, we have always sensed that our advertisements do reach a wide variety of the public as it is read by intellectuals, businessmen, students, officials, and foreigners in the country and abroad.” said Mr. Khaleel Al-Jabal, Chairman of the Jabal Group. “We believe this survey should be another factor of encouragement for all businessmen in the country to advertise in the newspaper for its popularity, readership, and quality printing.” he added.

Governmental newspapers at top
The survey also revealed that the first three ranks belonged to the three governmental newspapers Al-Thawra (official), 26-September (mouthpiece of the military), and Al-Riada (Sports). Al-Ayyam was then given fourth place in the rank, followed by Al-Jumhuria, Al-Thaqafia, Al-Sahwa, and Al-Haris, which are all, except Al-Sahwa, governmental newspapers. The tenth rank in this table was that of Yemen Times, followed by all other newspapers. Yemen Observer, which is the second most widely read English-language newspaper, achieved 39th rank based on this scale.