Raw materials port to be implemented [Archives:2005/807/Local News]

January 13 2005

The Aden Free Zone Authority has finished drafting the general plan for the raw materials port, which is to have a quay of a 2340 meters long, and 16-meter deep with an area of a 47-hectares. The port is to have six berths for heavy vessels each of which is 400-meter long, and a back yard of 14 hectares for unloading and freighting equipment and vehicles and constructing storerooms for dry merchandises.

The project includes the construction of a fire-extinguishing station, installation of an electric adapter, construction of a health center and provision of other services.

Official sources said the port enjoys advantages such as proximity to heavy petrochemical industry sites and main highway network which will depend for their imports and exports on the port at down-to-earth costs, encouraging internal and external trade as well as facilitating delivery to other spots in the country.

Aden Port has a strategic geographical site as it is close to sea routes and has a large quay and back yard for car parking. The port is situated within the investment zone on which new industries will depend, close to the site of main services project, and containing an area for storing liquid raw materials.