Raymah local council, governor exchange accusations [Archives:2007/1025/Local News]

February 15 2007

By : Almigdad Dahesh Mojali
RAYMAH, Feb. 11 ) The local council in Raymah governorate denied that it offered a request to the president to withdraw authority from governor Ahmed Mosa'ed Husain.

The local council member Mahmoud Al-Jabeen said there was only a misunderstanding between some members of the local council and the governor over the distribution of aid for flood victims in the governorate.

There was a misunderstanding of the authorities of both the governor and the members of the local council,” said Al-Jabeen.

The members of the local council alleged that the governor authorized the deputy of the governorate to distribute relief supplies to the villagers who were affected by the heavy rain last month that caused the death of at least three people, damaged 70 houses and displaced 205 people, according to a governorate report.

They alleged also that the governor authorized the deputy to distribute the civil jobs, while these are not involved in the responsibilities of the deputy but in the responsibilities of the local council members. Consequently, the members requested the minister of the Local Administration to hold a meeting between them and the governor to discuss the authority of both sides, said Al-Jabeen, adding “the governor and the local council members will discuss what was published in the press about the story of withdrawing the authority from the governor.”

Abu Al-Fadle Al-Sa'adi , the general secretary of the local council in Raymah governorate, stressed that “the council will not be silent toward the legal violations of the governor.” He accused the governor of not adhering to the law as the governor doesn't give members of the local council powers which are granted by law.

Early this month, many villagers rallied, protesting “the unequal distribution of relief supplies” according to local press reports which also confirmed the killing of a person during these demonstrations.

Sadiq Ameen Abu Ras, head of the Ministry of Local Administration, suggested

in a meeting with members of the Raymah local council on Jan. 28 to form a fact-finding committee to investigate the accusations of the councils' members against the governor. Sources mentioned that this suggestion came when members of the local council discussed legal violations of the governor with the minister, indicating that there is consensus over withdrawing the trust from the governor.

Item No. 16, Law No. 4 for 2000, concerning the local administration, gives the local councils the rights of directing, supervising and observing the activities of the executive authorities and gives them the authority to hold them accountable and to withdraw authority from them when abusing their power.