RCDNI wraps up [Archives:2002/39/Local News]

September 23 2002

By Yasser al-Mayassi
Yemen Times Staff
The Regional Conference on Developing National Industries (RCDNI) and consumer protection was concluded last Monday in Sana’a. It was organized by the Market Studies Center in cooperation with the Arab Federation for Consumer and the Yemeni Society for Consumer Protection.
More than 14 Arab countries and many international organizations took part in the conference which aimed at reviewing the reasons behind low-end national products and the solutions, seeking for better ways of protecting consumers, enhancing the in-between Arab trade and paving the way for establishing a joint Arab market as well as establishing a database to be used for designing the policies.
The conference debated many working papers at both local and international level. related to national products situation and their future under the current circumstances of the globalization.
The conference also dealt with the so many challenges faced by Arab industries. It also centers around the negative effects of globalization on consumer, opportunities given by the World Trade Organization, (WTO) for developing countries and protecting industries of less developing countries and the obstacles of marketing Arab products in the foreign markets, the drug industry, its challenges as well as the role of the media with regard to the current economic challenges.