Real End [Archives:2005/863/Community]

July 28 2005

By Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Oh my God! I forgot to say something so bad

At my real ship I stayed to dream

how the golden dawn can touch our souls

by spiritual light in the next day

How Horrible mistake I have made!

The journey of love sailed on the frightening Time

While The ocean waves were raising up and up

The bitter wind destroyed my ship at a miserable end

My real ship of dream started to unluckily being sunk

Suddenly,The pirates have taken away my golden ring

But it was too late

when I heard her lips' roar

Warning me to be aware!

The fangs have appeared behind My heart to grind

Oh! my ship started to sink and sink

And the pirates are happy to dance and sing

I heard far off the birds on the verge of tears,

as melody tunes of passing away

The ship faded out slowly

and deeply missed the rays of Yellow Sun Tale

And whenever the evil's eyes sent to us its negative waves

trying to hide our Love lasting

she came with the moon face challenging the evil's eyes

that envied our souls even at our end day