Rearing to Roar Lion & Jambia Holds AGM [Archives:1997/47/Sports]

November 24 1997

The Lion and Jambia Cricket Club (L&JCC) has held its annual general meeting on Friday, November 21st at the Taj Sheba Hotel in Sanaa. The participants reviewed last season’s achievements – L&JCC came 4th – and discussed their plans for the 1998 season. The following club officers were selected to serve for the 1998 season:
1- the chairman is HH Mr. Victor Henderson, the British Ambassador to Sanaa; 2- the treasurer and secretary is Mr. Ash Z. Mehta, F.C.C.A; 3- the captain is Mr. Casper Ridley; 4- the vice captain is Mr. Waris Ali; and 5- the team manager is Mr. Ajay Tandon. The notable achievement for batting was the fastest century in Yemen – hundred runs in 40 balls – by Casper Ridley, the L&JCC’s new captain. Ajay Tandon, the team’s current manager and former captain, distinguished himself with a continued bowling performance. Once again, the Overall No. 1 Player of 1997 is Waris Ali. So Casper Ridley won the Best Batsman Award, Ajay Tandon is Best Bowler, and Waris Ali the Lion of the Series. “I am looking forward to being the captain of the L&JCC,” said Casper; adding, “we have a good and strong team and I hope we’ll have more fun playing next year than we did this year.” On his part, Ajay confidently announced, “the Pakistan Tigers team won last season but the Lions will definitely be kings of the jungle next season.” Composed of players from 5 different nationalities, the L&JCC is also hoping to get some Yemeni players in its ranks. “We’ll try to train some Yemeni players this year,” said Ajay inviting all those Yemenis out there who are interested in cricket. “If cricket is to prosper and grow in Yemen, it needs Yemeni players,” commented Casper. “That is something we should all in the league try to encourage as much as possible as it is my philosophy is to encourage anyone who would like to play to come along,” he added. There is a Yemeni cricket team based in Aden, but no Yemeni team in Sanaa.
How about complete novices who eager to learn? Even if they do not know how to play, they could join us in the practice session when we take up new players on Thursday afternoon, announced Casper. So anyone of you folks out there who is interested in joining can contact the team manager Ajay Tandon at KLM. “I’ll be taking over the job as a team manager. My job as a team manager will include coaching and training the players so I would welcome Yemeni players because I think they have enormous sports strength with them,” noted Ajay. “Yemenis are great learners and we would like to have them on the team,” added Casper to his colleague’s welcoming invitation. The L&JCC official sponsor is Rothmans Royal; while, the co-sponsors are Halliburton, Sodexco, Taj Sheba, and Yemen Times.
By Adel – Yemen Times