Red Sea’s Island in danger, says officials [Archives:2007/1112/Local News]

December 17 2007

Hamed Thabet
SANA'A, Dec. 16 ) 10,000 livestock have sunk in the red see as a result of a U.A.E ship turned over. Likewise, another boat, belonging to Yemeni traders, carrying a huge quantity of pesticides made the same problem in the red see. Livestock and pesticides endangered the Red Sea resources, confirmed Yaha Al-kynaei, Chairman of the Yemen Authority for Developing Yemeni Islands.

Many fishes seen dead on the red sea especially in Al-Solaif coasts, Kamarn Islan and also Al-Lelhia province in Al-Hodeihda. Moreover, this accident shows that the pesticides quantity was toxic and dangers. According to Dr. Mohamed Al-Qobati, the former director of water and environment committee in the parliament confirmed that there must be serious research for knowing the damages which are caused in the red sea. However, the government must give a real attention to this disaster by litigate the both U.A.E company and pesticides traders.

The Yemen Authority for Developing Yemeni Islands are concerning to sue the U.A.E company and the Yemeni pesticides traders. On the other hand, noting that the Chemical residuals reached the Yemeni Islands such as; Honish, Kamarn and Zaqar Islands and also coasts like Al-Solaif. And about on the way to other coats ion Yemen.

Moreover, because the sea recourses are polluted and none knows the real damage that is caused, the government has warned and ordered all the fishermen in order not to go fishing until the effect of pesticides is clear.

Al-kynaei also confirmed that a special join team between the assembly of developing and saving the Yemeni Islands and Al-Hodeidah University had taken some simples from the dead livestock and the pesticides which almost reached to the coast. These simples have been taken in order to know level of damages. Professors in Al-Hodeidah University had a very big role in talking simple as they did their best in analyzing the toxin that pesticides include.

Some sources which are investigating in this case confirmed, “In fact, pesticides traders tried to enter their quantity to Yemen throw Aden port but they couldn't because their pesticides internationally banned they asked to returned it back to place of manufacture. So instead of returned back they went to Djeboty and from there they used small boats to Yemen and one of the boats turned over.”

The government should sentence traders for causing this disaster. However