Regional conference on senior citizens [Archives:2007/1069/Local News]

July 19 2007

SANA'A, July 18 ) Yemen, with the cooperation of the Arab university, is to launch the regional conference for senior citizens in the upcoming August.

Recently, the Ministry of Social Affairs has achieved the first national report about the elderly people in Yemen, which contains data highlighting the situation of the Yemeni elderly people.

The national report stressed the importance of making research studies and a national survey about the elderly people to put suitable solutions and treatments to this group.

According to the report, the elderly people in Yemen form 3.43 percent of the total of the Yemeni population. And, about 170, 725 elder people benefit from the financial support of the social insurance fund.

The report highlighted that Yemen implements the insurance laws for the elderly people, death cases, and work injures for the companies that employ five or more elderly people.

Additionally, the report clarified that the elderly persons, who reach 64 years old, are in need for suitable places and special entertainment programs, especially those who live with their families.

The national report recommended the importance to work seriously with the elderly people's issues in cooperation with the civil, social, international, and human rights organizations to improve the elder's living situation.