Regional information officer resource visit to Yemen [Archives:2005/815/Front Page]

February 10 2005

Henry Mendelsohn, Regional Information Resource Officer for this region, concluded a ten day program to Yemen – Jan 29th to Feb 7th. During this trip, Mr. Mendelsohn traveled across Yemen visiting educational institutions and presenting a series of information literacy lectures on “Evaluating & Developing Websites”, “Search & Research: Using Export Websites”, and finding “International & Government Information on the Internet”. The University of Technology (Sana'a), Queen Arwa Universisty (Sana'a), American Corner – University of Dhamar (Dhamar), University of Taiz (Taiz), Aden Community College (Aden), Faculty of Education (Mahweet), and the Military Academy in Sana'a hosted the visitor.

The occasion also served as a means to introduce and promote the wide array of services and programs offered through the Information Resource Center and the Public Diplomacy Office of the American Embassy in Sana'a. The services and programs offered ranged from the tailored – towards the specific needs of the requesting institutes – and readily available information literacy and capacity building training programs to the various cultural and educational exchange programs provided mainly to the government and non-governmental institutes and the general public.

Mr. Mendelsohn held exploratory discussions at the respective institutions on establishing more American Corners in Yemen. Information for learning more about the Middle East Partnership Initiative grant opportunities, including full contact information, were also provided. The meetings and informative sessions presented an excellent platform where venues for bi-lateral cooperation and prospects of fruitful partnerships were discussed. Moreover, and in alignment with the strong commitment of the of the US Government towards education, a promising outcome had been the prospect of an initiative towards bridging the digital divide in Yemen through partnering with local educational and technical institutes and offering a comprehensive PC literacy program.