Regional meeting for the birds [Archives:2006/1003/Local News]

November 30 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 26 ) The International Council for Protecting Birds in the Middle East is meeting to discuss ways to safeguard birds in the region.

The annual regional meeting, wrapping up today, Nov. 27, is discussing initiatives, plans and projects all prepared by the regional partners of the council for the best way they can protect birds.

With the participation of 25 experts and specialists in bird protection from nine Middle East countries, the meeting discussed the way to build an active regional partnership aiming to protect birds and further formulate a regional strategy to keep the wetlands located migration routes.

Additionally, the meeting discussed issues involving settling birds and migrating birds facing the threat of extinction. The initiatives and projects include a sustainable hunting project and wings over damp lands project.

The project is implemented in 12 countries, including Yemen that will benefit the administrative plan for protecting the wetlands in Aden.

A project was earlier established by the Yemeni Society for Protecting the Natural Life in order to protect Aden's wetlands as it is one of stations for migrating sea birds.