Regional workshop on fighting piracy [Archives:2005/833/Local News]

April 14 2005

The regional workshop on fighting piracy and armed robbery of ships was concluded in Sana'a with the participation of 20 countries. The workshop lasted from April 9-13 and was organized by the International Marine Organization (IMG) in cooperation with the General Authority for Marine Affairs (GAMA).

The symposium aimed to discuss the problems of piracy in order to suggest possible solutions and ensure security and safety of the seafaring activities.

The discussions concentrated on the close connection between the activities of pirates and smugglers and the phenomenon of terror since these acts cost the country great losses.

Participants at the workshop emphasized the importance of enhancing security and stability in the Red Sea and protecting it from such unlawful acts.

They discussed the problem according to the international law as well as the national laws of each country with the aim to reach possible solutions that can be applicable in the short and long runs

The participants reviewed the ways of assigning the means of coordination and cooperation between countries to bring a mechanism, which can put an end to such phenomenon.