Rehabilitation of Aden International Airport & CAMA Role [Archives:2001/17/Business & Economy]

April 23 2001

This concise report summary has been prepared to shed light on the efforts of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) and its plans for the general development of Aden International Airport (AIA). In the context of the establihsmemnt of the Aden Free Zone and air cargo village, AIA is estimating a potential growth demand which needs to be accommodated. Hence, CAMA is closely monitoring, reviewing and assessing the airport and its operational policy system. Yemen Times Aden Bureau Chief, Radhwan Al-Saqqaf in this report includes an interview with Mohamad Jomai’, the General Manager of of AIA.
YT: What is the scope of CAMA’s Jurisdiction?
A: Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) is managing approximately twenty-two airports within the country, of which five airports are of international status. Despite the economic recession, and slow recovering rate in some airports, CAMA still recognizes its role towards promoting, development and maintaining efficient safety standards of airports and operational systems. A series of projects have been implemented at various airports among which projects, Aden international Airport Development Project is the most remarkable.
YT: Could you give us a brief profile of the AIA?
A: At the outset Aden International Airport (AIA). The Director General, the Deputy Director, the top management, officers, engineers staff and workers of the AIA present their best and sincere appreciation of the constantly active supporting role played by the Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology through improving, strengthening and development of the AIA.
Scope of Construction Works:
In summary the construction works comprise the following components.
– Renovation of the existing Terminal Building which has been the top since 1994.
– Construction of a new Control Tower and ATC Building.
– Provision and installation of aeronautical systems (com-Aids, ILS/DME and enroute DME).
– Construction of a new standby power station
– Rehabilitation of Runway 08-26
In executing the above construction work, CAMA has signed an international agreement with the following international firms.
– Netherlands Airport Consultants, NACO B.V. for the supervision and consulting duties/works.
-Saudi Binladin Group, SBG, for the construction work.
Aerodrome DATA AIA
– Coordinates ARP: Lat. 12° 49’39″N Long 45° 01′ 53″-Elevation: 12ft/3.65 M above MSL.
– Reference temperature: 36.6 °C.
-Runway 08-26, 3100 X 45 M, 7.5 M paved shoulders.
– SALS on Runway 26.
– VOR / DME located on the northern side of Runway 08-26
– PAPI on Runway 08 and 26.
YT: What is the policy of Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority towards economic/commercial airport operations systems?
A: We are well aware of the circumstances as well as the economic challenges facing the aviation and airports industries.
CAMA is in the process of implementing economic and commercial policy systems in some of its airports by promoting, attracting and encouraging airlines as well as air freighters and investment firms to grow and open business.
YT: What steps have you taken in this regard?
A: – Establishment of ” Investment / Marketing” Department within the organizational system of CAMA.
– Proclamation of “Open Sky” limited for Air Cargo operations which was initially restricted to Aden International Airport and Hodeidah International Airport.
– Cancellation of Royalty charges ($ 400 per flight) engaged in air cargo operations.
We are looking forward to steadily increasing prospects and enhancements in cooperation/ coordination levels. Meanwhile we shall greatly appreciate your remarks or queries.
Finally, credit for our establishments so far goes to the political leadership represented by the President Ali Abdullah Saleh who accelerated rehabilitation of Aden International Airport and equipped it with the state of the art technology. Efforts of the Minister of Transport are highly appreciated in supervising and monitoring activities. Investors have also played an essential role in this process.