Reinforcing our mission [Archives:2005/822/Viewpoint]

March 7 2005

The Yemen Times considers itself the ambassador of Yemen to the rest of the world. It is the window through which many people read about Yemeni issues, in an objective, constructive and factual manner.

More so, The Yemen Times is the conscience and voice of all those intellectuals who want the best welfare of this country. And so, we take it upon ourselves to carry out this mission in the best way we can.

Founded by economic expert, the late Dr. Abdulaziz al-Sakkaf, The Yemen Times, then, concentrated on economic as well as political issues in Yemen and in the Arab world. With the advancement of time, the scope became wider and included social, cultural and health issues among many other fields.

Now new sections will be introduced in the newspaper. We will have a fixed column about human rights in Yemen, and a new section about diplomats' and organizations' activities. We will have a column about real life experiences in the field, and we will dedicate more space for youth to speak their minds. We will also start going more regional and global, by expanding our reach and inviting regional and international intellectuals to contribute their views.

We believe that our best assets are our readers. Many intellectuals and analysts wrote for the paper throughout its 14 years of existence and their contributions enriched the paper and made it multi-dimensional.

Today, the Yemen Times once again dedicates itself to its readers. So let us rejoin hands once again and come around the same table once more. The Yemen Times is nothing without its readers and supporters. You are the lifeline of this institution and we call on the best in you to come forward.