Releases of seven new postage stamps [Archives:2007/1068/Local News]

July 16 2007

SANA'A, July 15 ) The committee of the postage stamps had released seven new issues of stamps, which considered an introduction to release them from the Posts and Postal Savings Corporation during 2007.

Faiz Saif Abdu, the General Manager of Postal Affairs in Posts and Postal Savings Corporation, stated that the new issues include pictures that register the Yemeni historical and important events as well as characteristics. There is a representation of the tourist and archeological elements as well as the natural beauty of the country, Yemen. He also confirmed that the committee is very careful to release postal stamps of historical and tourist sites. In addition, he clarified that the release is to meet the desire of stamps collectors all over the world as well as to introduce and promote the tourist sites of Yemen. Further, he indicated that the postal stamps, which are due to be distributed nationally and internationally, represent an essential factor to attract tourism in Yemen.

According to Faiz Saif, the first issue includes the release of two postal stamps and picture cards about the World Day of Human Rights. The second issue releases 6 postage stamps and picture cards about the unique flowers as well as the wonderful views in the natural protectorates in Yemen. He also indicated that the next issue will be embodied by issuing 6 postal stamps about the sea life in Yemen which has various and unique sea creatures.

The fourth issue depicts the Yemeni agate through 8 postage stamps and picture cards which reflect the fame of the Yemeni agate and its various kinds nationwide.

Abdu went on to say that the corporation will release the fifth issue as 6 postal stamps as well as special cards for the historical and archeological mosques in Yemen including Al- Janad Historical Mosque, founded by Moa'ath Bin Jabal (the exalted companion of Prophet Mohammed) in Taiz, 9 A .H. Al – A'mariah Mosque will be included in the list, considering it as one of the most important archeological and historical places in Yemen. It has been 318 years since founded.It was built in 910 A.H. by the Sultan A'mer Bin Abdulwahab Al- Dhaheri during the reign of Al-Tahiriah .

He also pointed out that the seventh release will include 6 postage stamps and picture cards of useful and rare insects which Yemen environment is distinguished with, and proved by international experts.

The seventh release has 5 stamps and picture cards depicting historical castles and forts in Yemen, showing the Yemen civilization.

The general manager of the Postal Affairs confirmed that the releases of the corporations have a large-scale concern on the part of people enamored of stamps over the world. The corporation allows the circulation of these stamps through the internet, the electronic riyals etc.

It is worth mentioning that the revenues of the postal stamps increased during 2006 to 46 millions and 209 thousands RY in return for 44 millions and 142 thousand RY , 693 RY during 2005 with increase percentage reached 5%.

The postal stamps are considered as the most important relationship used by people while sending and receiving mails. Therefore, the postal stamp became as a currency because the written price on stamp equals the postal price for it.

It is mentioning that the first postal stamp printed locally in Yemen was issued in 1926 under the name of Al- Motawakelia Kingdom.

In 1930, a postal stamp was issued with international specifications and standards. It was printed in Germany. In 1937 another postal stamp was coming out under the name of Eden in English language at the time of British occupation. And, there were many issues like the stamp of the Arab South Union in 1963.

After the Yemeni revolution and independence, the first stamp was in March 1963 in north Yemen and the first postal stamp, after independence in Eden, was in May 1968.