Removing the largest cancer tumor in the world conducted by a Yemeni surgeon [Archives:2004/753/Health]

July 8 2004
Cancer tumor from the patient suffered
Cancer tumor from the patient suffered
Mohammed bin Sallam
Dr. Mansoor Saif Muqbel removed, in an operation at the Yemeni-German Hospital at Sana'a a few days ago, the largest recorded cancer tumor from a 35 year old Yemeni patient. The operation was considered the first of its kind in Yemen.
The patient, a mother of four children, had visited many state and private hospitals, but in vain.
She was destined to run into Dr. Mansour, a veteran doctor who refused to migrate from Yemen and who had previously worked at the Police Hospital in Aden before he moved to Sana'a to work at the Police Hospital in Sana'a City. He represented her last hope due to her deteriorating condition, as she was carrying a 6-kilo cancer tumor that had spread on her left breast and into some parts of her abdomen and chest.
Many doctors had refused to deal with the patient because of the fact that the tumor was the largest they had ever seen.
Following the operation that was successful by medical standards, a number of doctors rushed to a lecture given by Dr. Mansoor to learn from him. He confirmed that the international scientific and medical references had not mentioned anything comparable to the patient's condition in terms of the size of the tumor. The largest recorded cancer tumor was 4.9kg, removed from an Indian patient.
The Yemeni patient was lucky as her type of cancer, according to medical doctors, quickly spreads to other parts of the body, but based on the follow-up check, no detection of cancer was recorded in her body.
The patient had had two previous operations on her left breast, but the third time was very disturbing in terms of the size and the offensive smell coming out from the tumor, with multiple ulceration and necrosis in some areas.
The patient was admitted to the hospital on May 26, 2004 for the preparation of the operation. Dr. Mansoor Saif Muqbel, a consultant surgeon oncologist operated on the patient on May 28, 2004.