Renewable Energy conference to beheld in Yemen [Archives:2004/730/Community]

April 19 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The First Regional Conference on Renewable Energy for the Middle East and North Africa will be held in Sana'a, during 21-22 April 2004, organized by the Ministries of Electricity and Water and Environment in coordination with international donor authorities for the electricity and water sectors.
The importance of this conference lies in the need to expand the number of beneficiaries of electricity to include all urban and rural parts of the country. We simply hope that the means to this electricity will come from the use of renewable energy sources (sun and wind) at lower costs. The circulation of this type of energy, through effective studies and designs, would change Yemeni rural areas and create genuine development, positively reflected in the lives of people.
The circulation of this experiment, after its success, and its dispersal at the national level, would reduce the burden of the high cost of fuel electricity and ease the complaints of citizens throughout the country, especially in hot coastal regions. In addition, development without electricity cannot be achieved. Electricity is a primary element in the making of the future of Yemen. It sometimes hinders development and investment projects due to the high costs accompanying its installation and connection.
We hope that the conference will come out with recommendations transforming the working papers into effective projects, ultimately aiming at connecting electricity to more urban and rural parts of the country through renewable solar and wind energy through the better utilization of donations and international expertise in this field.
It is our right to dream that electricity will be connected to every home, farm and workshop. We hope for electricity that is pure and environmentally friendly, at a reasonable cost, in order to move Yemen from this situation to a better one, and to contribute to the development of agriculture, industry and community services.
Last but not least, at the time some of the countries of the world are reaping the economic and social benefits of technologies of renewable energy, many of countries of the region have not yet started to pay attention to this kind of energy, which is abundantly provided to them by nature.