Renowned scholar in Yemen [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

Jamal al-Banna paid a visit to Yemen last week and held a number of symposiums and lectures including a seminar at the Faculty of Arts in Sana’a University.
The symposium was attended by Dr. Hussein al-Bukari the dean of the Arts faculty and a host of prominent professors in the university.
Al-Banna has dealt with many intellectual and Islamic issues.
Jamal al-Banna, 83 is an opulent thinker, having inherited his knowledge and learning from his ancestors.
His father, Ahmed Abdurahman Assati, is an author of the book titled, Al-Fat-h Arrabani, (Celestial triumph), his brother Hassan al-Banna is the founder of the Muslims Brothers Movement, Abdurahman al-Banna, has a pioneering experience in theatre, and Abdulbaset Al-Banna is a well-known writer, poet, and playwright and Fowzia al-Banna is a chairwomen for one of the intellectual societies.
He has written more than 105 books and has a keen interest in a number of the political issues.
Al-Banna is a religious scholar, who has a genius mind and has called for renewal of the Islamic and jurisprudence and thought.
He possess moderate views on women’s veil, (hejab) and said that there no necessity for hejab on the part of women.
He has written a book consisting of three parts titled Towards New Jurisprudence. This book has caused controversy among the educated and scholarly where he has called for an Islamic revival.
Within the coming weeks, Yemen Times will publish a comprehensive interview with him.