Repair Costs Exceed US$ 1 Million: Hole Number 7 on YHOC Pipeline [Archives:1998/28/Front Page]

July 13 1998

There we go again. The tribesmen have just punctured a 7th hole at kilometers 82 on the pipeline carrying Marib oil to the Red Sea.
The cost for repairing these holes is rising fast. According to Yemen Times sources, the bill has just topped one million US dollars.
Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, desperate for a way out, replaced Brigadier Mohsin Al-Anisi with the more ruthless Brigadier Mohamed Al-Hawiri as commander of the 7th Armed Forces stationed in the area.
The authorities can do very little against a local population which holds a grudge, and a gun. Even if the whole army of Yemen is mobilized, it cannot achieve any results. The best way to go about this problem is for the state to re-capture some of its legitimacy and credibility. That cannot be achieved with corrupt and inefficient government officials.