Repairing Aden water cisterns to attract tourists [Archives:2004/758/Last Page]

July 26 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The water cisterns of Aden are characterized by enchanting historical features that can attract attention of foreigners forming tourist groups to visit them, especially after the authorities there have been carrying out many kinds of repairs and renovations to restore their former features to look the same as they were during the fist century when they had been built during the ancient Yemeni Himyarite state.
Overhauling operations include repairing terraces and utilities affiliate of them at a cost amounting to YR six million. The garden of water cisterns accommodate around 400 visitors and have a children playground. Reconstruction of the rest of historical landmarks is also under renovation, including lighting and gardening works expected to be finished during next October.
The underway reconstruction works are part of the second phase of local authorities efforts to improve condition of water cisterns after they had finished the process of cleaning water canals extending from them to the center of the city of Aden to end up at the seacoasts.
The number of cisterns is 50 but most of them are still hidden under earth of exposed to negligence and destruction. What are ready of those cisterns now are only 18 accommodating 20 million barrels of rainfall water torrents.
Ancient Yemenis had built Aden cisterns at a mountainous narrow passage of 750 feet long to store rainwaters descending from mountaintops and are meant to be used for many irrigation purposes and to protect the city of Aden from torrents. Those cisterns have a good, entertaining historical, and tourist importance and give an indication of the genius of the Yemeni human in dealing with his environment in an engineering way and accommodating environment to match with his interest.