Report discussing biological safety [Archives:2004/763/Health]

August 12 2004

Yemen Times Staff
The National Biological Safety Committee discussed in its meeting held Tuesday August in Sana'a the draft of the national report on biological safety and the type of dealing with bio-technology.
The committee, headed by Eng. Mahmoud Shidiwah, chairman of the Environment Protection Authority, listened to an explanation of the draft report.
The report, to be presented to the Carthage Protocol Secretariat, is part of the program being conducted by the committee to fulfill conditions of joining the Protocol. At present, the awareness aspect of the program expected to last for 18 months is being focused on.
The report includes details on the current situation of biological safety, and how specialized scientific and research centers deal with biological technology.
The report pointed out the plus points of bio-technology, and the type of systems to needed to manage it, which can be achieved partly by establishing an active department to improve it.
The report defines Yemen's requirements in this field including support for scientific research centers, training and qualifying the specialized national cadre, and introduction of programs pertaining to biological technology along with developing laws that provide a legal frame for dealing with it.
Other requirements include establishing an information exchange room and a coordinating national network for biological technology as well as improving curricula, and starting relations with regional and international research establishments.