Report:Aden’s hospitals can be responsible for the spread of epidemics [Archives:2007/1105/Local News]

November 22 2007

ADEN, Nov, 21 ) Aden governorate experiences poor health standards, about-to-collapse medical facilities, and deteriorating levels of sanitation as well as nutrition, said a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.

The committee, which carried out field visits to many public hospitals in the southern governorate , expressed its concerns that ministry of health has not implemented actions on the ground for the second five year plans (2001-2005) related to health sector in Aden.

“The problem is that, even though there are survey and field visit many government hospitals, the situation is deteriorated.” The report noted.

The report, which Prepared by the Parliamentary Public Health and Population Committee confirmed that services of health sector in Aden still poor although there are some spent money on other projects which are not related to the plan.

“Noticing that supervision in government hospitals from the local assembly was almost nonexistent. And they just requested simple things like; cleanness and stationery for the hospital.” Said the report.

The report criticized the absence of clear policies and visions to suggest possible solutions to the persisting problems in different health institutions, confirming that facilities are exposed to collapse due to climate-related factors, negligence, and lack of maintenance.

According to the report many medical facilities are good maintenance. Furthermore, and the hospitals' poor sanitations are responsible for the spread of many diseases and epidemics.

The committee affirmed that the governorate's health facilities need to be supplied with qualified staff in order to provide good medical services. It indicated that the called-upon hospitals lack the simplest medical equipment, mainly in intensive care units and operation rooms, adding that hospital administrations don't care for providing the necessary equipment though they receive returns from the poor medical services they offer.