Request that US work with UN on Iraq YSP leaders meet US Ambassador [Archives:2003/06/Local News]

February 10 2003

SANA’A – The US Ambassador to Sana’a Edmund Hull met with YSP officials Feb. 2 to talk about a range of issues.
YSP officials in the meeting included Saif Sael Khaled, the Secretary General Assistant, Dr. Mohammed al-Mekhlafi, the Political Office member and other the members at the Yemen Socialist Party, at the YSP office in Sana’a.
During his meeting, the US Ambassador expressed his concerns over the killing the US aid workers at the Baptist hospital in Jibla.
He further indicated in his speech that such terror acts have greatly affected Yemen’s national interests and its relations with the countries of the world.
He stressed the great significance of cooperating and mobilizing efforts along with other bodies to fight terror.
Hull expressed US support to democratic-oriented principles and the upcoming parliamentary elections, pointing out the vital role played by the American Democratic Institute in this regard.
He emphasized how much economic assistance has been granted to Yemen and the Yemeni people.
Hull also dealt with the US policy towards Iraq and efforts made to settle the Palestinian issue within the framework of establishing an independent Palestinian state.
On his part, Dr. Saif Sael Khaled expressed his party’s sorrow for the killing of the US aid workers, and the recent Colombia space tragedy.
Khaled spoke highly of the economic development and enhancing the democracy, justice and disseminating and demanding justice at the international level.
He indicated also that Yemen has a need for economic support to achieving comprehensive development.
On Iraq, he demanded a peaceful solution towards the crisis so the entire region is kept stable.
“Launching war against Iraq will not solve the problem. It will, therefore, provoke further tensions and absolute chaos, suffering of the people and will also help to spread hatred among nations,” the YSP leadership declared.
Lifting sanctions against Iraq and achieving a comprehensive compromise through the peaceful means, working with the UN, and the Security Council is the best solution for the Iraq’s issue, said the YSP.
The YSP leaders also demanded an end to aggressions against the isolated nation of Palestine.
Israel has to yield to the international legislation and evacuate from the Palestinian, Syrian, and Lebanese lands and establish an independent Palestinian state to achieve stability and cooperation among nations in the region.