Researchers demand their dues [Archives:2003/08/Local News]

February 24 2003

In a letter dispatched to the president of the republic, researchers at the Yemeni Research and Studies Center have demanded approval of the monthly raise, which was approved by all authorities concerned except the Ministry of Finance. The raise would have benefited the 70 plus teaching staff and researchers working at the center.
Researchers at the center have made clear that those dues are guaranteed as that of their workmates at the Sanaa University.
The dues have been issued in a republican decree and order have been issued along with four straightforward judgments by the court. According to the letter, the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank of Yemen are both obliged to approve the financial dues.
It is to be mentioned that the monthly increase demanded is YR. 3,281,600 which is pending since 1992. The researches are demanding the accumulated amount since then, which would be as much as YR 400 million.