Response to Mr. Hurleys letter of 11 February [Archives:2002/11/Focus]

March 11 2002

By Anees al-Najjar
College of Arts
Ibb university
Dear Mr. Hurley,
In this letter, hopefully, I can clarify what I meant in my article Short Answers Are Always Doing, and also react to your letter, Give Women a Chance.
I do assure you Mr.Hurley that a chance is already given and experienced also.
For your information, my dear Mr. Hurley, my article has not come out due to threats, self-righteousness, or jealousy of women as you claim, but rather from a heart filled with sympathy and affection towards women and their interests.
Believe me Mr. Hurley, Im not against women and their right to work. I dont wish to take them out of society, nor take away their freedom to express themselves or make decisions for themselves. Rather, what I want is for women to have an identity through service to themselves and, if needed, to society.
The only thing I dont recommend is mixing men and women at work, as you are fully aware of the negative results of this.
I know Mr.Hurley that you are genuine in your various fields of study and work, and we may differ in our opinion, but our ideal is one which is to make women happy.
Therefore, lets make the choice open: let women choose themselves either the straight and secure life or the life of challenge.
By the way, you may want women to become happy just in this life by the way you talk in your letter, whereas I would like them to be happy in both this life and the second one in eternity.