Rest in Peace.. [Archives:2000/23/Viewpoint]

June 5 2000

Dear Father,
As we commemorate one year after you left us and passed away to heaven, we want to assure you that we continue to follow your steps. You have been our father, teacher, and idol, that is why we believe of your eternity in our souls. We have always known that following your steps is a difficult mission, but be sure we will live up to the challenge.
Father, today, the newspaper has reached its peak in terms of overall success, professionalism, and readership number, etc. However, we have ambitions to improve more and more as you have taught us to let our dreams reach the sky. You taught us to develop and be instrumental in the change drive in the society. You had started the newspaper from scratch, and now everyone can see how outstanding it has become.
As we bid farewell to you once again after we did on the day of the burial, we confirm our everlasting determination of continuing your mission of faith and truth. We will continue to stand by the disadvantaged, the human rights issues, free expressions issues and fight strongly against corruption and lawlessness in the society. We will continue call for the strengthening of the civil society organizations which are a vital part of the democratic societies, your noble themes. We will report the truth whatever the consequences. We will work to sustain our place as the courageous and strongest truth seeking independent newspaper in English.
I now it is a challenge but we love it as you taught us. With your spirit with us, and with all the faithful readers who have followed us from the start until today, we are confident that we will win the race.
I am happy to tell you that so far, our readers are quite satisfied with the line of the newspaper.
Father, please rest in peace, you are still alive in our hearts of all the people who loved you.
Walid A. Al-Saqqaf
Chief Editor