Restaurant standards discussed [Archives:2005/806/Business & Economy]

January 10 2005

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

Taiz Chamber of Commerce & Industry organized a meeting on issues of hygienic nutritional services for consumers in Taiz on Jan. 5.

The meeting included the General Manager of Health and Population bureau in Taiz, Abdul Nasser al-Kabab, ewho mphasized the necessity of finding solutions and treatments for whole issues facing the owners of restaurants and buffets to improve the nutrition services which are offered to the consumers.

Issues and difficulties in connection with the owners of the restaurants and buffets licenses of practicing the profession, the workers health card, and the issue of uncovered food sold by the wandering sellers were discussed, as uncovered food is a source of disease.

The General Secretary of Restaurants and Buffets Owners Union, Abdul Fattah al-Sam'ey, has clarified that the Union has carried out numerous activities during the last period of its establishment, a part of which workshops were conducted aiming to acquire skills and upgrade standards.

Also in attendance were the General Manager of Public Works bureau, Hussain al-Qaladhy, the Director of Environment Health, Mansoor al-Abyadh, the Chairman of General Association of Crafts and Trades Unions, Abdul Alem al-Amery, the Head of Restaurants and Buffets Owners Society, Jameel al-Shaibani, the Management staff, and also members of the society.