Results of investigations in a booby-trapped attache case [Archives:2004/702/Local News]

January 12 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Investigations into a booby-trapped attache case found at Sheikh Othman area in Aden in the late of last October revealed last Thursday that there were no signs that the incident had signs of a sabotage act.
It has been discovered that two persons had placed the case close to a house of a woman with whom they had a dispute concerning allegations she was running house for indecent purposes.
Explosives experts had at that time said the case was set to explode in 15 minutes before it was defused.
Competent security authorities had in the light of investigations and evidence referred the case to the general prosecution charging the imputed persons with a crime of blasting attempt in violation of the public security and order, and accused the woman of using her house for immoral purposes.