Return Washington to American Indians [Archives:2002/41/Focus]

October 7 2002

By Hassan Al-Haifi
Almost since 1967, the American Zionist lobby has pressured and twisted the arms of every American congress and president to pass a bill to make Jerusalem the home of the American Embassy in Israel. Congress has often passed this ridiculous bill, but most American presidents, including former President Clinton, have wisely refused to sign such a cursed bill. Not until George W. Bush, have American presidents succumbed to the almost criminal methods used by the Zionist lobby to coax American officials to the whims of the evil Zionist dictates.
This has surely shown how vulnerable America can be to evil and how easily misled the American public is by their officials, who now have thrown the claim to be acting in the best interests of their constituencies out the window. For sure, the American public was kept in the dark about this latest fiasco by American officialdom, for surprisingly, the subject was almost given negligible mention in the American press. This observer continuously followed CNN for three days since Bush signed this land deed to the Zionist state, in which he fully ignored the advice of all his advisors. Obviously, the American press succumbed to the whims of the Zionist censors, who now have even become the people who decide what Americans should know and what they should not know!
As such, one can only predict that the American Zionist lobby is actually working for the downfall of the Great Republic just so the Zionists can carry out their illicit ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land. Mr. Bush has forgotten the important role that the United States has played in the “peace process” and that America has become committed to ending the long-standing feud (80 years), which was perpetrated by no other than the International Zionist establishment. It seems that Mr. Bush has forgotten everything sensible and logical and apparently is steering the Untied States into an oblivious course in foreign policy that has both its allies and friends baffled, not just in the Middle East but everywhere else. The obvious trend in the foreign policy positions of the White House is that if it does not come from the Zionist establishment in the United States or Tel Aviv, then it should be at least attractive to them.
Americans being swindled
We think the American people are being swindled by their politicians. The latter have become puppets, following the dictates of blind American Zionist ideologists, who would care the least what happens to America, or any other country for that matter as long as the Zionists are allowed to complete their evil plans to fulfill their mythological dreams. It does not matter how many people are slaughtered in the land that was destined to be the “Land of Peace”.
Amnesty International just came out with a report that showed that over 250 Palestinian children have been killed by the most modern lethal and destructive weapons that America has given free to their Zionist pals. Seventy of them were killed in the first three months of the Intifadah, before the suicide bombings even started! This is all in the name of fighting terror, which Mr. Bush believes his Zionist buddies are doing. Nothing could be further than the truth.
But then, it is hard to see if Mr. Bush fully understands what truth and justice are really all about. Mr. Bush is in a saber rattling mood and he believes that war is the only course for America to take to tackle all his incompetence as a truly effective leader, who is acting in the best interests of all Americans and freedom loving people throughout the world.
One must wonder in amazement at the phenomenal skill displayed by the Zionist lobby in America. They have succeed in getting American politicians to forget their true constituencies and to succumb only to fulfilling all wishes put to them by the Zionists, as if they have lost their own free will and the true feelings of most Americans.
We therefore remind Mr. Bush that just because America was created over the blood of millions of American indigenous Indians, he surely has no right to issue land deeds to other bloodsuckers of this age, who insist that their right to criminal undertakings is stamped with Apache helicopters and American tanks.
The naïve political arithmetic of the American Congressmen and the even more ridiculous bigotry of the American White House and the American Zionist establishment could never do any good for the American people. We do not blame the American people, for now they have become victims of the Zionist double-think and Zionist censor, who keeps them unaware of the dangerous course which the White House has committed to put us all on.
All I can say for now is God help us and God save America from the dangerous evil that has befallen it, before it is too late. If Mr. Bush really wanted to be kind and merciful, why does he not also claim Washington, D. C. as the rightful capital of the Iroquois, the Sioux, the Apache the Cheyenne, etc. – those great nations that once held sway in what is now the United States. After all they are more entitled to it than Ariel Sharon or any of his constituents were ever entitled to any square inch of Palestine.