Reunification: a victory we must not lose [Archives:2005/844/Viewpoint]

May 23 2005

It's been fifteen years since North and South Yemen became one. On that day all Yemenis and even all Arabs celebrated this fantastic achievement and I believe many countries were envious and even suspicious. Some even bet that it would be another failing project of the Arab unification attempts that didn't last for long. Today, we can raise our head high believing that we did it. We maintained our unity for fifteen years now and hopefully forever to come. The Yemeni reunification is a lesson for all Arab countries to learn from. There have been many countries with so many similar backgrounds, countries that were actually one in the past.

But as we stand today commemorating this wonderful achievement one cannot help but wonder why it is taking so long for the country from the far east to the deep west to progress as one. It is natural for people to have their differences but if fifteen years of unity is not able to overcome these differences then there must be something wrong. The Yemeni unity is a victory and an achievement that must not be compromised at any expense. All Yemenis should believe and understand that coming together for the sake of this purpose is their destiny and should give in their hearts and soul for this united country. The differences should not be passed down to future generations. Yemenis of tomorrow should merge within each other regardless of their parents orientations. It is so beautiful to see that even the dialects of the young children have been influenced by their friends from other cities that used to be of a different country only fifteen years ago.

Let us move forward, fifteen years is enough time to get used to each other and it is high time we are united in heart just as we are united in land. To all the Yemeni people, God bless you and happy reunification day!