Revenge for Torture, 7 killed [Archives:2000/23/Local News]

June 5 2000

Seven people were killed and 3 seriously injured in Aal Baseer village in Al-Baidha’a governorate when two gunmen from Ans tribe opened fire on a group of villagers. One of the two gunmen had earlier been brutally tortured by inhabitants of Aal Baseer who accused him of stealing Qat when he was working at one of their farms. They plucked out his finger nails, burned parts of his body and locked him up in a private jail. A week after his release he came back, accompanied by another gunman seeking revenge. He killed some of the people who tortured him. However, eventually neither he nor his partner were able to escaped death, as they were shot dead by the Ans tribesmen who surrounded them in time for yet their immediate revenge for their murdered relatives.

Al-Tagamu Newspaper Stands Trial
Today, Monday, Al-Tagamu newspaper and its editor in chief Abdulrahman Abdullah stand trial in Sirah Preliminary Court for the case filed by the Printing and Publication Prosecution in Aden. Abdulrahman stands trial for publishing an article on Monday 18.11.1999 titled “From Corridors of The Supreme Court of the Republic” which included some offensive expressions against the head, secretary general, and all the staff of the RSC, the prosecution staff, security staff, the authorities of Republic courts etc. The article also accused them of taking bribes and of being corrupt.
It is worth noting that many newspapers as well as journalists have been subjected to trials including Al-Wahdawi, Al-Ayyam, Al-Omah, Al-Tagamu, etc.