Review of Shoun al-Asr MagazineA publication that informs [Archives:2003/686/Culture]

November 17 2003

Mohammed Khidhr
Shuoun al-Asr (Contemporary Affairs) is a quarterly publication issued by The Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies. It is a highly informative magazine specialized in economic, political and social affairs.
The latest edition of the magazine for the months July, August and September 2003, No. 12, has been rich with various articles and studies and contained a supplement on proceedings and working papers discussed in the symposium of the third parliamentary elections held on 27 April 2003.
The working papers were presented by a group of Yemeni intellectuals, university professors and journalists. In addition to the supplement on the latest parliamentary elections there are other studies and articles, such as a thorough study on the “Woman at the Age of Globalization’’ by Dr Sameer Abdulrahman al-Shamieri, professor of Sociology at the college of education, University of Aden
Also, there is a study titled ‘’ Challenges of Arab Social Security under Globalization’’ by Dr Ibrahim Hamza al-Dulaimi, an Iraqi researcher; and also an economic study titled “ Developing Economies and Dealing with Globalization and World Trade Organisation: Yemen as Example’’ by Dr Abdulla Awadh Nasser, head of the economic office at the Yemen Socialist Party.
Despite the great importance the topics, I had the opportunity to read thoroughly the social study of Woman at the Age of Globalization” by Dr al-Shamieri. The study tackles a very sensitive and highly important aspect of the society life, i.e. the status of the woman particularly in the Arab world and Yemen.
The study is divided into three premises, each discussing in details a review of its characteristics and treatments for the negative aspects of them. The three categories are:
1-Globalization and Family Disassembly.
2-Woman, as merchandise for sex and sexual excitement,
3-Globalization and change in the woman’s life.
At the conclusion of his study, Dr. al-Shamieri reviewed benefits and positive aspects of globalization, and also brought up certain ideas and suggestions on how to protect the woman from dangers of globalization.
Dr al-Shamieri has written with a very fascinating and interesting style that would not give the reader any opportunity to leave the study unfinished, which is a style much needed and wanted in scientific and sociological studies in order to attract attention and interest of a reader and thus achieve the goal of enlightening the society, particularly at this time of globalization and its threats to our Arab and Islamic culture if we are not very careful.
Congratulations to Dr. al-Shamieri for his success in conveying the message he has wanted to give the reader and for the good efforts he has exerted to produce his appreciable study. I would personally recommend this work to be studied by our youth, particularly girls, and also by parents, to be aware of dangers facing the young generation if it does not arm itself with good knowledge of the reality we are living at the present time.