Ridding of ozone depleting materials [Archives:2004/776/Business & Economy]

September 27 2004

Yemen has got a sum of around $ one million worth support in the form of industrial supplies and equipment to help it get rid of materials that deplete the ozone layer and to depends on alternative material causing no negative impact on the ozone layer.
Minister of Waters Irrigation Dr Mohammed Lutf al-Eryani has, in a press conference lately held in Sana'a on the occasion of the world day for protection of the Ozone layer, made it clear that Yemen is committed to international agreements on ridding of technology that depends on materials depleting ozone.
On the other hand the chairman of the State Authority for Environment Protection Mohammed Shadaiwa said the authority would in the following period implement awareness campaigns for the protection of environment including school students and some segments of the society. The campaigns aim at dissemination of ecological awareness on materials causing the depletion of the ozone layer and it would cooperate with media institutions, some governmental organizations and those of civil society.