Rights group condemns summoning judge [Archives:2007/1032/Local News]

March 12 2007

SANA'A, March 11 ) The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms, a Yemeni NGO also known as HOOD, condemned the Ministry of Justice's Judiciary Inspection Board for summoning Judge Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Mujahid after he wrote a letter ordering President Ali Abdullah Saleh to attend court.

HOOD expressed resentment that the judiciary board intervened in judges' work, and in a statement, said that it's illegal for the Judiciary Inspection Board to summon the judge, who didn't do anything against the law.

In late February, Al-Mujahid, who heads the Appeals Court's Civil Division, ordered President Saleh to attend a March 3 session, wherein the court would hear an appeal presented by Allaw's Advocacy Foundation regarding the case of Ahmad Ali Bin Muaili, who has been detained at the Central Prison for five years without clear charges.

The political security apparatus arrested Bin Muaili in 2001 and since then, was sent to the Central Prison in Sana'a.

In January 2006, HOOD sued for compensation in a lawsuit against President Saleh over Bin Muaili's detention, urging the judiciary to oblige the president to pay YR 100 million to Bin Muaili for what he lost during his allegedly unlawful detention.

Bin Muaili established a radio station in Iraqi territory criticizing the Saudi government. After relations between Yemen and Saudi Arabia warmed, Bin Muaili was subjected to imprisonment and oppression by Yemeni officials deferring to Saudi interests, legal sources say.