Risks of the Internet Lottery [Archives:2007/1085/Community]

September 13 2007

Fatima Al-Subban
We all know that the Internet is the driving force of this century; it is vital for communication between north, south, east, and west. Furthermore, the internet is leaving its mark in the field of business, shopping, science, news, and technology.

There are millions of web sites on the network that connect us in a simple and easy way to the modern world. They update everyday and provide us with the means of communication, some for personal reasons such as MSM or for large multinational corporations like Microsoft. However, the internet is also making strides in the fields of public lotteries. For example, could you imagine if you were sent an email saying that you have just won a fortune in the millions??? This happens everyday. First they send you a congratulations email with a corresponding lottery certificate. After that, an anonymous source sends an additional email to fill out certain forms to guarantee your winnings. However, the dream is short-lived as an additional message is sent telling the person to pay 450 British Pounds in the next 24 hours or else the prize is forfeit. This is a huge risk indeed, but also a huge scam against people all over the world.

Additionally, sometimes we get emails with texts saying that we have inherited millions from unfamiliar names, such as Hassan Michlouy. They demand that you help them recover lost funds with promises of a fortune, but this is also a clever scam to get people to thing. Furthermore, many of these emails contain viruses, so watch out!!

The internet can help us immensely in our everyday lives, however there are risks and dangers associated with it as well. We must check our emails carefully and not delve into false temptations.