Robeson attends coast guard graduation in Yemen, US-Yemen cooperation intensifies:Besieging al-Qaeda suspects [Archives:2003/640/Front Page]

June 9 2003

SANAA – June 7 (YT) Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa Commander Brigadier General Mastin M. Robeson attended last Thursday a graduation ceremony of a new batch of the Yemeni coast guard.
The US official praised the competence to which such forces under command of Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh have reached. Staff Brigadier Ali Mohammed al-Qasimi emphasized the role played by such forces in patrolling Yemeni's coastline against al-Qaeda suspect terrorists and smugglers as well as the cooperation with the US in this respect.
A number of US military trainers have had a pivotal role in training Yemeni special tasks forces which were established with the purpose of cracking down on terrorists and besieging any al-Qaeda suspects still at large. These forces are responsible for hunting down for al-Qaeda suspects.
The US and some other countries are currently supporting the establishment of the coast guard force meant to patrol Yemen's long coastline against the escape of al-Qaeda suspects.
Mastin Robeson took over this senior post from Major General John Sattler on May 24.