Role of Media in peace building and prevention of conflict [Archives:2008/1163/Last Page]

May 12 2008

By: Hamed Thabet
More than 900 Guests from 100 Countries participated in a conference in the German city of Bonn from June 2nd to 4th to discuss the role of the media in peace building and conflict prevention at the Deutsche Welle [DW] Global Media Forum.

“With this regularly-scheduled event, we are bringing together the expertise of a globally-networked media organization to create a platform for intercultural exchange between the stakeholders in globalization,” said Erik Bettermann, the Director General of DW.

Bonn, a United Nations city, is “ideal for this ambitious event because of the city's excellent infrastructure,” said Bettermann. “The World Conference Center offers the perfect atmosphere and for three days will be transformed into a 'think tank' for media professionals from around the world.””

“”Media representatives from around the world – including many of our partners – will have the opportunity to connect with decision makers from politics