Role of school social workers in Taiz evaluated [Archives:2004/741/Local News]

May 27 2004

24 social teachers of both genders participated in activities in the first evaluating meeting on social integration among schools' students. The meeting was organized by French DIA Organization in cooperation with the Education Office during the period 24-25 of this month.
Mr. Ayoub Al-Qasseme, Social Activities Official of the organization, said that the meeting came within the framework of follow up and contact with social workers who have previously attended a workshop in the field of social integration held by the organization. He pointed out that the meeting consisted of reviewing and going over experiments and activities of teachers in order to evaluate their role in implementing what they had acquired in the workshop, and to discuss any obstacles that they faced in schools. In addition, several new suggestions concerning summer activities were presented, which the students would carry out during their summer vacation, supported by DIA Organization.
Teachers and supervisors from Taiz Education Office also participated in the supervision and administration of the meeting.