Romanian Artist in Sana’a [Archives:2001/43/Last Page]

October 22 2001

Elena Surdu Stanescue of Romania held a sculptural exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Sana’a, which was attended by many art-lovers and foreign diplomats in Sana’a. Elena noted that the idea of organizing the exhibition in Yemen was formulated recently and that the Romanian Ambassador to Yemen had played a major role in realizing this idea. Elena expressed her appreciation of Yemen’s rich culture, particularly the old Yemeni architecture. Regarding the themes of her work, Elena says she is continually searching for ideas for her work by interacting with the people in the streets and the students at the university where she teaches, and therefore, there are always themes for her work. Paying attention to the cultural peculiarity of Yemen, Elena was very careful in selecting the works for her exhibition here, although most of her works have to do with love represented by naked bodies. She changed her plan and substituted human faces that harmonize with different kinds of birds. Elena believes that art is an indispensable thing in our life and that the arts are meant for resisting anything that may deform life.
Elena Surdu Stanescue doesn’t transpose well- known themes in marble, bronze or rock, but she shows through these materials the richness of thoughts. In this way she shows these herself and that is why her art seems to be made of mediation, creative force and love. The dialogue with reality is based on new rapport and so the capacity of innovation seems inexhaustible. Elena Surdu is attached to beauty. She shows us a different face of the world through artistic shapes which have her personality. The main theme of her works is “Thought – Moment,” which has a new perspective. 
By: Jamal Jubran