ROTHMANS PRESENT PLAQUE  TO HAYEL SAEED ANAM FOR I.S.O 9002 [Archives:1999/20/Business & Economy]

May 17 1999

Rothmans International Tobacco a company recognized for its high quality product, pay tribute to H.S.A. on the achievement of their manufacturing plant in Taiz U.I.C. for obtaining I.S.O. 9002 accreditation.
In 1998 Rothmans and H.S.A. celebrated 40 years of business together. The celebrations continued that year when in Oct. 98 the U.I.C factory were audited by international auditors who deemed that the factory systems within the Taiz plant were up to I.S.O. 9002 standards.
The plaque was proudly presented by Mr. A. Burnip, regional manager of Rothmans to Mr. Ali Mohammed Saeed (H.S.A. Chairman) during April 99. The General Manager of U.I.C. factory Mr. Mohammed A. W. Tarish and the U.I.C. factory Manager Mr. Stan Radley of Rothmans expressed their pride in the workforce in achieving such recognition.