Rough times are ahead [Archives:2003/05/Focus]

February 4 2003

By Hassan Al-Haifi
In reflecting on the recent developments in the region, it seems clear that the region is not geared for any rest from tumult, disappointment and tragedy. For one thing we have a demagogic hawk for a president of the United States, who has no other direction to go except war to solve all the elements of an apparent disability to bring verve back into the mainstream of American economic life.
After the sad events of September 11, 2001, President Bush has seen no other means of convincing the American people that the United States is well on its way of coming out of the shock of the tragedy. His miscalculated efforts in Afghanistan have not brought about the fully opted for goal of liquidating the alleged culprits of that horrific event. Because there is so much weaponry of mass and no so mass destruction in the United States, Bush thinks that unleashing some of that hardware here and there is bound to bring an end to the difficulties he is facing domestically, of an economy that seems unsteady and unsure of the course its President is taking.
In any case, that is as far as the United States is concerned. In the region, it is clear that the other demagogic hawk of the world, Bush’s “good friend” has been given a mandate to proceed with his relentless destruction of whatever remains Palestine. The poor Palestinian people have nothing to look for in the future, as they see a White House Administration that has not only let them down, but apparently supports all the madness that they have been seeing.
Ever since Ariel Sharon decided to take on any hopes for peace in the region with his intimidating walk through the Al-Aqsa Mosque at the turn of the Millennium to remind the Palestinians – and the rest of the world that Zionist demagogues have a whole different outlook on the way things should proceed in the region, and it is not towards peace. Bloodshed was the cause d’etre of the State of Israel and it is bloodshed that it must thrive on to exist!
What a whole different atmosphere has Ariel Sharon and his unfailing backers in the international Zionist establishment produced in the region! We are baffled by the blindness, which the Bush administration seems to view this region, relying on misguided aspirations of the many strong Zionist demagogues within his administration, who will believe anything Ariel Sharon and his backers in the Zionist lobby in the United States, who enjoy seeing every bit of blood of innocent Palestinian children shed in the Holy Land.
For these demagogues, American interest and the interests of peace in the world are the last things in their mind, as they clandestinely railroad the United States into a world of mayhem and confusion, inspired by an obvious incoherent foreign policy that is resolved to convince the world that there is nothing that stands in the way of the power of the sword. We really do not understand how America can expect to see a world approving of such misguided approach to foreign policy, with the only winner in it being the Zionist interests that have infiltrated every facet of American economic, political and social fabric, who care the least for American interests or for world peace.
The people of the region seem to be heading for further tragedy, now that Sharon is firmly entrenched in his operations room for the destruction of the Palestinian people. With Bush driven by the strong Zionist elements that plague his administration, we should expect any surprises to confront us from where we least expect them. The demagogues are firmly in place to decide the fate of an already overburdened world with problems. Carry on Ariel, for the White House is right behind you and frankly speaking there is nothing that anybody can hope for with the atmosphere in the world needing some fumigation from all this demagoguery in the air.