Ruling party denies new cabinet formation [Archives:2007/1016/Front Page]

January 15 2007

Mohamed Bin Sallam
SANA'A, Jan. 14 ) The ruling General People Congress denied news by several local and foreign media saying that a new government formation will be announced soon. Some of the news sources reported that one of the current cabinet ministers will replace Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal.

Well-informed sources told the media that any government reshuffle has to be made in conformity with the constitutional procedures. The sources ruled out any new cabinet formation before April.

The government reshuffle must be preceded by the current prime minister's resignation, and removing Bajammal, who is the GPC Secretary General, from the top cabinet post is unbelievable, except in the case the president is determined to carry out real reforms in the country, which are impossible, according to sources.

Approximately seven cabinet ministers may be replaced by new faces, but this doesn't include the head of the cabinet, sources say.

Political observers commented on the new government reshuffle declaration. They say the president is facing a dilemma in choosing new cabinet ministers, adding that such official procedures must be made according to the constitution, particularly after the news said there is a foreign demand to replace the current prime minister.

Sultan Al-Barakani, the GPC Secretary General for Culture and Media Affairs, stated that reshuffling the government is the responsibility of the GPC's leadership and the state's presidency.

Speaking to News Yemen, Al-Barakani said, “Talk about reshuffling the government and electing governors and district directors paralyzed the state's institutions. We seem to be renting people in the country, and there is no institutional work.”

“GPC doesn't believe reshuffling the government is necessary, as it has been only a short time since the current ministers took the positions. The ruling party has a great task ahead, and that is implementing the president's political platform,” Al-Barakani continued.

The GPC leader confirmed that his party is facing a great responsibility, and people want this to bear fruit in a short time. GPC is responsible for bringing its platform into practice.

A Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) official source declared that the opposition bloc doesn't care about retaining the current cabinet or reshuffling it, and there is no profit associated with such procedures.

“We sympathize with the prime minister, since he is the best one tolerating the hard conditions and internal conflicts which the ruling party has so far experienced, the JMP source said. “GPC has to reform its position in order to be able to run the country's affairs, instead of accusing others and holding some of its members responsible for the state's wrong policies. We wish Bajammal the best of success and prosperity in his career.”

The opposition source added, “If the GPC decides to replace Bajammal, we will fear that the top cabinet post will be given to a worse person than the predecessor due to the lack of state's clear policies.”